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Department of Biology came into existence in the year 1949 with Shri G. Sri Rama Murthy as the Head of the Department, who worked till 1952. HE succeeded by late Shri N. V Rao. Subsequently, Botany wing was separated from the Biology department. Late Shri. N.V Rao was the first Head of the newly formed Botany Department. His untiring efforts employed with utmost perseverance have resulted in formation of separate lab facilities for Degree and Inter mediate classes. He war also responsible for a museum with well mounted specimens, majority of which collected by the staff and a herbarium with rich and rare collection of specimens.

The Botanical garden of the college is one of the best gardens around this area. It contains uncommon plants like Saraca indica, Victoria regia, Mangroves, different varieties of Beetle wine and important Medicinal plants.

In the present scenario of growing urbanization with concrete jungles and spread of aquaculture oblivious of its ill effects on the environment, there has been heavy loss in plant life, whereby the mankind in deprived of all support it has been enjoying from the plants. But still, the Herbarium, Museum and Botanical garden of the college are playing a key role in supporting the students in acquiring knowledge.

List of HOD’s / Incharge’s and Tenure:
  • Sri G. Sriramamurthy, M.Sc., 1949-1952
  • Sri N. Venkateswara Rao, M.Sc.,1952-1977
  • Smt M. Lakshmi Kantham, B.Sc (Hons),1977-2001
  • Dr. ABS Murthy, M.Sc, Ph.D.,2001-2004
  • Sri P. Suresh Babu, M.Sc., 2004-2008
  • Dr MVRK Narasimhacharyulu, M.Sc, M.Phil., Ph.D.,2009-2009
  • Dr. M Panduranga Raju, M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D., 2009-2011
  • Sri T Rajesh Babu, M.Sc.,2011-2019
  • E.Asha Sudha , M.Sc , B.Ed, M.Ed 2019 – Till Date
List of Predecessors:
  • Sri N. Venkateswara Rao, M.Sc., 1952-1977
  • Smt M. Lakshmi Kantham, B.Sc (Hons), 1964-2001
  • Sri NVS Murthy,M.Sc., 1966-2003
  • Dr. ABS Murthy, M.Sc, Ph.D.,1974-2008
  • Sri P. Suresh Babu, M.Sc., 1974-2009
  • Dr MVRK Narasimhacharyulu, M.Sc, M.Phil., Ph.D., 1980-2013
  • Dr M Panduranga Raju, M.Sc, M,Phil., Ph.D., 1981-2011
  • Sri. T. Rajesh Babu, M
  • Sri Bh.Rama Raju, M.Sc.,
Present Faculty:
  • Dr. A B S Murty , M.Sc., Ph.D.
  • Dr. K Bhavanarayana , M.Sc., Ph.D.
  • Smt. E.Asha Sudha , M.Sc , B.Ed , M.Ed
  • Smt. A Rekha Srivalli , M.Sc
  • Sri. K. Sudhakar ,M.Sc

Present scenario and the unique nature of the surrounding environment the revised syllabus to suit the present day need by inserting additional inputs with student centered

  • Modern teaching aids like Digi eye camera with LED TV and DVD’s.
  • Well equipped laboratory
  • Museum with a rare collection of 217 specimens and models
  • Collection and maintenance of Herbarium with nearly 825 species belonging to 118 families, including 19 BSI identified rare species. Most of them date back to the 50’s
  • Herbal garden with 130 species of medicinal plants including 10 endangered species
  • About a 50 species of other plants which include hydrophytes, xerophytes, mesophytes
  • Six species of mangroves are grown in the garden
  • Shade loving plants are kept under ‘shade net’
  • Campus Biodiversity

The department is located in area of 272 sq mts (2928 sq ft) having good laboratory facilities. The equipment range include 73 compound Microscopes, Microtome, Epidiascope, a slide projector, a research Microscope, two Projection microscopes, One stereoscopic microscope, 58 dissection microscopes, three demonstration eye piece, Digi Eye Camera with LED TV, 10 Binocular microscopes and various Ecological, Horticultural, Tissue cultural, Biotechnology equipment etc.

Recent Achievements:
  • Herbal garden with endangered species.
  • Campus Biodiversity.

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