Profile of the Department


The department of Geography was established in the year 1985, at intermediate level. Later it attained the status of Degree in 1986. The department is started with Sri G.V.Narasimha Rao as head of the department, who worked till 2000. He is the man behind the establishment and development of the department. But for his efforts the department would not have been elevated to the present status. The department is updating syllabus and equipped the labs with latest technology (RS and GIS). In the development of the department elevation, thanks to the untiring efforts of Dr.C.Satyanarayana Rao, Secretary and Correspondent.

Present Faculty and Working Since:

  • Mr. K C S V Ramana, M.A, M.Phil, In charge of the Department, Working Since 19-08-1997.
  • Mr. BNSV Prasad, M.A., B.L., Lecturer, Working Since 08-11-2005.


  • The Department conducted One day work shop on “ Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System” on 03-03-2012.
  • The Department was conducted Guest lecture in every year.
  • Conducted Village Socio-Economic Survey in every year by Students.
  • The Department conducting Add-on course on ‘Tourism and Travel Management’.
  • The Department conducting coaching classes for III year students in various competitive exams.
  • Maintained a good Departmental Library.


  • The department of Geography is having good laboratory facilities it has adequate equipment to conduct all practical at degree level.
  • The equipment range includes Globes, Maps, Scales, Compasses, Leveling instruments etc.
  • There is one Cartographic table used for drawing and two plane tables used for surveying. In addition we have survey Chains, Prismatic Compasses, Dumpy Levels, Theodalite, Obney Levels for Field Survey.
  • We have 4 Systems for Data Analysis, Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS, Stereo Grams and Stereo Pairs.

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