Endowment Prizes

Merit Incentives will be awarded in the form of prizes to the students who stand first in each combination / section basing on the marks obtained in the semister end examinations.

1. Sri SL Narasimha Rao Endowment Prize
2. Sri Toleti Perraju Prize
3. Dr V K Rao & Smt. Venkata Ratnamma Endowment Prize
4. Sri Sistla Sitaramayya Seshamma and Suryanarayana Somayajulu Prize
5. Smt Ch Sita Maha Lakshmi Prize
6. Dr T Rama Rao Endowment Prize
7. Siddani Narasimha Rao Endowment Prize
8. Sri Valluri Maha Lakshmamma & Sri Narayana Murthy Economics Prize
9. Hindi Permi Mandal Prize
10. Smt Addanki Padmavathi Narasimha Rao Prize
11. Sri Vemuri Rama Govinda Sastri Sanskrit Prize
12. Sri M V Narasimha Rao Endowment Prize
13. Smt M Chandramathi Endowment Prize
14. Smt J Mutyamma Endowment Prize
15. Sri JSV Kanakachalam Endowment Prize
16. Smt J Rama Lakshmi Endowment Prize
17. Smt A V Acharyulu Endowment Prize
18. P Krishnavenamma Endowment Prize
19. Smt J Narasimha Rao Endowment Prize
20. Smt Sattaluri Ranganayakamma Endowment Prize
21. Sri Dasika Surya Prakasa Rao and Smt Dasika Venkata Sita Ramamma Endowment Prize
22. Sri Paranandi Venkata Lakshmana Rao Endowment Prize
23. Dr Kalipatnam Samba Siva Rao Endowment Prize
24. Sri Nookala Soma Sundaram Endowment Prize
25. Late Sri Kolaganti Lakshmi Narayana and Late Smt Kolaganti Saraswathi Endowment Prize
26. Sri Komanduri Venkata Padmavathi Endowment Prize
28. Late Smt Bandaru Sesha Maha Lakshmi Endowment Prize sponsored by her son Dr B V Subba Rao, Rtd HOD of Maths
29. Endowment Prize sponsored by Sri PVSSR Somayajulu, Rtd, HOD of Maths
38. Sri Jayanthi Satyanarayana Endowment Prize Memorial Prize constituted by Dr. JVN Rao educational consultant and visiting Prof. in Structural Engineering, Rajahmundry
39. Endowment Prize sponsored by P Vivek S/o P Subrahmanyam, Ex – Principal
40. Late Smt P V Ratna Kumari Endowment Prize sponsored by her son Sri P Suresh Babu, Former Principal
41. Sri Y N College Teaching Staff Association deposited Rs. 25,000/- in memory of Late Sri M J Manikyala Rao, Ex-MLC, Father of Affiliated College Teachers Movement, Andhra Pradesh
42. Dr. Shaik Suleman deposited Rs. 10,000/- in memory of his father Late Sri Shaik Meera Saheb
43. Sri G Venkateswara Rao, Retd, HOD of Chemistry deposited Rs. 10,000/- in memory of his parents Sri Late Sri G Subba Rao & Smt. Satyavathi
46. Merit Prize sponsored by Dr MVRK Narasimhacharyulu Former Prinicipal
47. Endowment Prize sponsored by Smt T Bhanumathi in memory of her husband late Sri T Siva Vara Prasad
48. Endowment Prize sponsored by smt V Lakshmi in memory of her parents late Sri V Seshagiri Rao & V Lakshmi
49. Endowment Prize sponsored by Sri C Veera Phanindra Rayudu in memory of his brother late Sri C Kalyan Chakravathi