Dr. N Chinta Rao


Dr. C. Satyanarayana Rao, the dynamic Secretary and Correspondent, along with his team of Governing Body Members, responded to the aspirations of the people in and around Narsapur by elevating and upgrading the college to a P.G. level in 1989-1990 through their untiring efforts. The PG Courses are administered separately by a dedicated administrative setup headed by the Director and supported by office staff. The official name of the PG Centre is Dr. C. S. Rao PG Centre. The PG Centre offers five courses: M.A. English (introduced in 1989-90), M.B.A. (introduced in 1991-92), M.C.A. (introduced in 1992-93), M.Sc. Mathematics (introduced in 1995-96), and M.Sc. Organic Chemistry (introduced in 2010-11).

The PG Centre boasts excellent infrastructure, including well-equipped, state-of-the-art, air-conditioned laboratories, a fully digital library exclusively for PG students, well-furnished classrooms, an air-conditioned seminar hall, an air-conditioned conference hall, and more, all designed to facilitate student learning.

This institution has always prioritized the needs and requirements of learners, catering to both present and future students and meeting the expectations of students, parents, and society. It provides robust support services to students for their overall development, including curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities. The students benefit from guest lectures, seminars, group discussions, and minor internal projects. Additionally, the college has an HRD Centre (Skill Development and Placement Cell) that offers personality development and communication skills training, as well as preparation for competitive examinations.

The campus is enriched by various support services, such as a good playground, a gymnasium, a Gandhian Studies Centre, a Literary and Fine Arts Association, a Community Service Centre, a Health and Yoga Centre, and the HRD Centre (Skill Development and Placement Cell). Furthermore, the college provides two well-maintained solar-powered women’s hostels on the campus.