RO Water Plant

In our college, the drinking water has been purified by modern treatment technology using Filtration,Ion exchange and Reverse osmosis. There a two R.O. plants are in operation to cater the drinking water needs of all the students, staff members, supporting staff and the visitors. The raw water with an average total dissolved solid [TDS] of 750-1000 ppm is treated to reduce the TDS content to less than 100 ppm, which is generally acceptable upper limit of the TDS. This is done in three stages, namely: Pretreatment consists of sand filtration, coke treatment, and ion exchange; main process comprises 6 RO membrane filters held in parallel to each other, and post treatment. The maximum capacity of each plant is 1,500 liters per hour. This water is pure, tasty and hygienic rendering it highly suitable for human consumption.