Research Centre

Universities, as a policy matter, Grant Research Centre to the Post-Graduate Departments that have minimum two Ph.D holders with good number of research publications in the reputed journals. Accordingly the Andhra University granted Research Centre to Sri Y.N College in the PG Public Administration Department in 2006. Dr. Shaik Suleman and Dr. Venkateswara Rao were recognized as the Research Guides. Dr. D. Venkateswara Rao guided 1 Ph.D, and 5 M.Phil. Scholars. In 2014, the Department of Management Studies was granted Research Centre by the Andhra University. Dr.N Chinta Rao, Dr. R Pardhasardhi, Dr. Ch Srinivas, Dr. G S Ramakrishna were identified as the Research Guides. Dr. N Chinta Rao guided one M.Phil Scholar.

Later in 2017, Adikavi Nannya University, the newly established state university for East and West Godavari Districts, granted a Research Centre to the Management Studies Department. In the 2018 and 2019 APRCET admissions, 10 Ph.D. scholars were allotted by Adikavi Nannya University to the Research Centre. Presently, 3 Ph.D. scholars (2 Full-Time and 1 Part-Time) are pursuing their Ph.D., with one scholar having been awarded a Ph.D. in May 2023 under the guidance of Dr. R. Pardhasaradhi. Additionally, 3 Ph.D. scholars (1 Full-Time and 2 Part-Time) are pursuing their Ph.D. under the guidance of Dr. Ch. Srinivas, and another 3 Ph.D. scholars (1 Full-Time and 2 Part-Time) are pursuing their Ph.D. under the guidance of Dr. G.S. Ramakrishna.

Functions of the Research Centre:
  • To identify the thrust areas of research.
  • To advice and encourage the faculty to carry out research.
  • To encourage and motivate the faculty to undertake UGC research projects (minor/major).
  • To identify the physical and human resources to carryout research.
  • To identify the budgetary requirements and resources for funding the research.
  • To periodically review the progress of research and offer necessary guidance whenever required.
  • To monitor the funding from the College budget for promotion of research activities.
  • To scrutinize minor and major research project proposals submitted to UGC and AICTE.
  • To monitor and assess the progress of sponsored research projects.
  • To advise and arrange seminars / conferences / workshops.

  S.NO Supervisor Name Scholar Name Research Topic View
1 Dr R Pardhasaradhi Mr K Venkata Ramana Awarded Ph.D. in May 2023 for a thesis titled 'A Study on Marketing Challenges of Medical Representatives in Select Cities of Andhra Pradesh View Link
2 Dr R Pardhasaradhi Mr Konakanchi Suresh Kumar Service Quality Management- A Case Study on Professional PG Colleges In East and West Colleges View Link
3 Dr R Pardhasaradhi Mr Shaik Rahim Basha Motivation of Performance of Acadamic Staff in Higher Educational Institutions” A Case Study on Lecturers in Degree and PG Professional Colleges in Rayalaseema Region View Link
4 Dr R Pardhasaradhi Ms Haleena Dakkumalla Work Life Balance of Women Lecturers in Higher Educational Institutions- A Case Study on Degree and PG Lecturers in East and West Godavari Districts View Link
5 Dr Ch Srinivas Mr Venkata Rao Valluri A Study on Non-performing Assets and profitability of co-operative Banks in India with special Reference to Prakasam District Central Co-operative Bank (PDCCB) View Link
6 Dr Ch Srinivas Mr Badugu Madhu Babu The Impact of Digital Marketing on Consumer Behavior- A Study on the Automobile Industry on passenger car market View Link
7 Dr Ch Srinivas Mr Karri Manikanteswara Reddy Green Bonds For Climate change Mitigation: A study on the Indian Market View Link
8 Dr G S Rama Krishna Mr Suresh Parla A Study on Financing policies and procedures of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises by Commercial Banks in Andhra Pradesh View Link
9 Dr G S Rama Krishna Ms Iduri Rama Haritha A Study on “Performance of Self Help Groups”- with Reference to West and East Districts, of AP View Link
10 Dr G S Rama Krishna Mr Geddam Pavan Kumar Impact of TQM practices on organizational performance in Higher education( A comparative study between UG and PG colleges affiliated to AKNU View Link