Centre for Digital learning and Innovation


About the Centre:

The Centre for Digital Learning and Innovation at Sri Y N College is dedicated to offering academic assistance to students through personalized tutoring sessions, workshops, and other means. Our main objective is to enable students to become more self-sufficient and competent learners who can effectively achieve their academic goals. The Centre for Digital Learning and Innovation is constantly seeking opportunities to foster student success by providing resources that support teaching excellence and resilience and by identifying the evolving needs of students across various learning modes, including online, in-person, or hybrid.

The faculty at Sri Y N College imparts knowledge through mentoring, emphasizing dialogue, questioning, and formulating new concepts. Learning and sharing experiences today take place beyond traditional settings and are an integral part of interactions among faculty and students. The Centre for Digital Learning and Innovation acknowledges and supports this new reality by providing resources that can assist students in achieving their academic objectives and promoting lifelong learning.