Dr. K V R B Varalakshmi

About Us:

The Literary and Fine Arts Association at Sri Y N College was established in the early 1960s and has since grown to include over 50 members. Our Association is committed to providing a Holistic Learning Environment that encourages Artistic Expression and fosters the development of Students’ Creative and Leadership abilities.

Through our Events and Competitions, Students are given the opportunity to showcase their Artistic Talents, which has resulted in numerous Awards and Accolades for our Institution. By participating in our Association, Students can expand their Imagination, Creativity, and Cultural Knowledge, while developing valuable qualities such as Cooperation, Coordination, and Competitive Spirit.

At Sri Y N College, we believe that Fine Art is an integral part of life, and that music is the highest form of art. It is through the nurturing of artistic talent that an individual can truly come to understand and appreciate the world around them. Our Association is dedicated to providing a platform for our Students to showcase their talents and become part of a Culturally Vibrant Community.