Courses Offered

Sri Y N College (Autonomous) is an exceptional institution that offers a wide array of programmes in various disciplines. The college has adopted a Learning Outcomes based Curriculum Framework formulated by the UGC (University Grants Commission). The college prides itself on providing an enriching and conducive learning environment. The quality of life on campus at Sri Y N College enhances the overall educational experience for students, creating a holistic approach to learning.

At present, Sri Y N College offers 18 distinct Undergraduate programmes. These programmes encompass a range of Major disciplines and Minor disciplines, allowing students to delve deeper into their areas of interest. All the programmes follow a four-year structure and incorporate a Multiple Exit and Entry System. This system grants students the flexibility to exit the programme at specific stages, receiving recognised qualifications, and re-entering later to pursue higher qualifications. It caters to the diverse needs and aspirations of students, providing them with a personalised educational journey. The Undergraduate programmes at Sri Y N College are designed to equip students with comprehensive knowledge and skills in their chosen Major disciplines. Additionally, students have the option to select Minor disciplines, which complement their major studies and offer additional specialisation in specific areas.

By offering a wide range of programmes, incorporating a Learning Outcomes based Curriculum Framework, and providing a nurturing campus environment, Sri Y N College is committed to delivering a well-rounded and rewarding educational experience for its students.

Undergraduate(UG) Programmes offered from the Academic Year 2023-24


S. No. Single Major Programmes Medium Intake Minor Disciplines
                                                    Aided Programmes Aquaculture Technology



Business Administration


Computer Applications

Computer Science






Internet of Things




Political Science



1 BSc (Honours) Mathematics English 36
2 BSc (Honours) Physics English 60
3 BSc (Honours) Electronics English 24
4 BSc (Honours) Chemistry English 48
5 BA (Honours) Political Science English 30
6 BCom (Honours) General English 60
                                                 Un-Aided Programmes
1 BSc (Honours) Mathematics English 50
2 BSc (Honours) Physics English 50
3 BSc (Honours) Electronics English 50
4 BSc (Honours) Chemistry English 50
5 BSc (Honours) Computer Science English 150
6 BSc (Honours) Statistics English 50
7 BSc (Honours) Botany English 50
8 BSc (Honours) Zoology English 50
9 BSc (Honours) Biotechnology English 25
10 BSc (Honours) Microbiology English 25
11 BSc (Honours) Geography English 60
12 BCom (Honours) Computer Applications English 180
13 BVoc (Honours) Fashion Technology and Apparel Designing English 50
14 BVoc (Honours) Health Care and Nursing English 50
15 BBA (Honours) English 50
16 BCA (Honours) English 60
***Note: Students should choose one Minor discipline along with a Single Major Programme.


Undergraduate (UG) Programmes have been offered until the Academic Year 2022-23


  S.NO Course Subject Medium In Take Introduced In
1 Language English -- 1949
2 Language Telugu/Hindi/Sanskrit -- 1949
3 Life Skill Courses 1. Computer Applications
2. Human Values and Professional Ethics
3. Entrepreneurship
4. Information and Communication Technology
5. Indian Culture and Science
6. Elementary Statistics
7. Health and Hygiene
8. Personality Development and Leadership
9. Analytical Skills
10. Environmental Education
EM 2020
4 Skill Development Courses 1.Tourism Guidance
2. Secretaryship
3. Electrical Appliances
4. Public Relations
5. Insurance Promotion
6. Plant Nursery
7. Journalistic Reporting
8. Survey & Reporting
9. Social Work Methods
10. Performing Arts
11. Agricultural Marketing Business Communication
12. Advertising
13. Logistics & Supply Chain
14. Solar Energy
15. Fruit & Vegetable Preservation
16. Dairy Techniques
17. Food Adulteration
18. Financial Markets
19. Online Business
20. Environment Audit
21. Disaster Management
22. Retailing
23. Poultry Farming
EM 2020
Arts Courses
5 B.A., History, Economics, Politics EM 50 1949
6 B.A., Geography, History, Politics EM 50 2020
Commerce Courses
7 B.Com. General EM 60 1954
8 B.Com. Computer Applications (3 Sections) EM 180 2016
Science Courses
9 B.Sc., Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
(2 Sections)
EM 100 2002
10 B.Sc., Mathematics, Physics, Electronics EM 48 1984
11 B.Sc., Mathematics,Physics, Computer Science
(3 Sections)
EM 150 1987
12 B.Sc., Mathematics, Electronics, Computer Science EM 50 1999
13 B.Sc., Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science EM 50 2017
14 B.Sc., Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science EM 50 2018
15 B.Sc., Botany, Zoology, Chemistry EM 48 1956
16 B.Sc., Chemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology EM 50 1999
17 B.Sc., Chemistry, Zoology, Aquaculture Technology EM 50 2017
18 B.Sc., Botany, Chemistry, Horticulture EM 50 2020
Professional Courses
19 B.B.A. A Professional Degree Course in Business Management EM 50 2019
20 B.C.A. A Professional Degree Course in Computer Applications EM 50 2021
21 B.Voc. Fashion Technology & Apparel Designing EM 50 2018
22 B.Voc. Health Care & Nursing EM 50 2018
23 Diploma (1 Year) Web Technology & Multimedia EM 50 2018