Completed Research Projects

Our College has a dynamic community of faculty members who have undertaken various Research Projects under UGC and MHRD RUSA 2.0 Schemes, with the primary objective of advancing knowledge and addressing real-world challenges in their respective fields. These research projects have resulted in significant contributions to their areas of study.

The Research Projects undertaken by our faculty members have explored a diverse range of topics, ranging from fundamental questions in Science and Technology to Societal Challenges in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Our faculty members have utilized a range of research methodologies, including experimental studies, fieldwork, and data analysis. One of the defining features of the research projects carried out by our faculty members is their focus on practical applications. Many of these projects have yielded insights that have informed public policy decisions and led to the development of positively impacting communities.

Our faculty members are encouraged to present their research at academic conferences and to publish their findings in top-tier journals. Our commitment to the dissemination of research findings is driven by a desire to ensure that the research conducted by our faculty members has a meaningful impact on society.

Faculty MRPs: