Dr. P V Subba Rao

About Us:

The Gandhian Studies Centre of our college since its inception has been extensively working to contribute to the corpus of literature and thought on Gandhi to the present society by organizing seminars, conferences, orientation programmes, guest lectures, photo exhibitions, certificate courses etc., on Gandhiji. The Centre was sanctioned by the UGC, New Delhi in 2006 during X plan and renewed in XI plan. The centre aims to promote activities both for the younger generation and for the more mature Gandhian activists and workers and to translate the same into social life for the benefit of the nations. Ours is the first autonomous and formerly affiliated aided college having this unique opportunity to establish this prestigious centre. It is one of the three centers in Andhra Pradesh. The objective of the centre is to promote, organize and undertake the study of the life and thought of Mahatma Gandhi.

Aim and Objectives of the Centre:
  • To disseminate the thought and message of Mahatma Gandhi to the present society by conducting various activities.

  • To coordinate and have a link with Gandhian Organizations and Gandhians.

  • To create awareness among the students on the relevance of Mahatma Gandhi;s Principles and to emulate the Gandhian Principles.

  • To publish literature on Gandhiji

Activities and Programmes:
  • Seminars, Conferences, Orientation Programmes, Guest Lectures, Photo Exhibitions, Literary and Cultural Competitions to students, Peace Rallies, Certificate Courses etc.