Add-on Courses

Sri Y N College offers a range of Add-on Courses for the holistic development of its students. These courses are not only market-oriented, that increase the employability of students, but also very cost-effective, offered at a substantially low fee. The aim is to provide a perfect blend of theory and practical training to equip the students with various market skills.

These courses are held after the regular classes from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM. The students get a double advantage of completing their degree and gaining a number of Add-on skills for improving their profile.

  S.NO Department Title of the Add-on Course Syllabus
1 Geography Tourism & Travel Management View Link
2 Telugu Journalism View Link
3 Commerce Tally View Link
4 Computer Science(PG) Web Designing View Link
5 Electronics Smartphones Technology View Link
6 Yoga and Meditation Centre Yoga and Meditation View Link
7 Gandhian Studies Centre Gandhian Philosophy View Link

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