Student Council and Student Welfare

The students are having facilities for activities like physical education , NCC , NSS , Literary and Fine Arts, Community Services etc.

Student Representatives :Who ever is first in the class on merit basis will be the representative of the class. He will represent matters relating to the said class to the principal or the staff as the case may be.

Student Council:It consists of representatives of all the classes and the staff members of the student welfare committee. Principal will be the chairman. The coordinator , student Welfare committee will be the convener. The student council meet at least twice in a year or as and when required to discuss regarding the measures to be taken for the welfare of the students.

Student Welfare Committee:The Committee will attend to the amenities and other requirements of the students and guide them regarding curricular , co – curricular and extracurricular activities.

The Principal is the chairman, the coordinator, students welfare committee, will be the convener and other staff members to be nominated by the principal , and five representatives who secure highest total in single sitting in the previous examination will be the members. There shall be at least one lady representative in the committee.