About Academic Bank of Credits (ABC):

Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) stands as a pioneering digital initiative established by the University Grants Commission (UGC) to revolutionize the educational landscape. Functioning as a virtual repository, ABC meticulously preserves students’ academic journey by housing comprehensive records of earned credits. This innovative platform empowers students with unprecedented flexibility, allowing seamless transitions between educational institutions.

Much akin to the National Academic Depository overseen by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, ABC operates as a secure database. Each student is furnished with a unique ABC ID, granting access to a personalized dashboard. Here, individuals can monitor their credit accumulation, initiate transfer requests, and review their credit history with utmost convenience.

The essence of ABC lies in its ability to streamline credit recognition, accumulation, transfer, and redemption processes. With a structure reminiscent of traditional banking systems, students can effortlessly navigate through credit transfers, akin to initiating and tracking transactions in a conventional bank.

APAAR/ABC ID Creation: