Sri B N S V Prasad

About Us:

The Community Service Centre at Sri Y N College is a vital component of the institution’s Outreach Program, aimed at Serving the needs of the Underprivileged Sections of Society. Through the Centre, the College engages with the Local Community to identify areas where support is needed and takes appropriate measures to address those needs.

One of the Primary Functions of the Community Service Centre is to conduct surveys in the slum areas of Narasapur Town, where the College’s Outreach Program is focused. By gathering data on the living conditions, educational status, and other relevant factors, the Centre can identify the most vulnerable sections of Society and develop appropriate interventions to support them. In addition to Surveying, the Centre also runs various programs and initiatives aimed at empowering the Community. One such Program is the Vocational Training Program, which provides Training in Vocational Skills to enable individuals to earn a livelihood and become self-reliant.

The Community Service Centre also acts as a bridge between the College and the Community, facilitating communication and collaboration between the two. This ensures that the interventions and programs developed by the College are in line with the needs and aspirations of the Community, thereby increasing their effectiveness and impact.

Aims and Objectives of the Centre:
  • To improve the Literacy rate in the Slum Areas and provide financial support to Economically Weak and deserving School-going children, thus ensuring that they receive a quality education and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

  • To establish a Vocational Training programme aimed at providing Skills-based training to School dropouts and Orphan Girls to enable them to become self-employed and financially independent, thereby improving their overall socio-economic status.

  • To organise programmes focused on Promoting Literacy, Health, Sanitation, and Awareness of Diseases, aimed at improving the overall well-being of the Community.

  • To take relief measures, Rehabilitation, and Reconstruction Programmes aimed at the development of people or areas affected by Natural calamities, thereby providing much-needed assistance and support during times of crisis.

  • To organise Social Action Programmes aimed at alleviating Injustice and Inequality among the Underprivileged sections of the Slum Areas, promoting Equity and Social Justice for all.


“The vision of Centre is to bring positive changes to the lives of the underprivileged Communities in Narasapur Town, with a particular focus on the Economic Empowerment of Women and Children.”.

Swayam Krishi:

Swayam Krishi is a Vocational Training Centre for School dropouts and Poor and needy Women, situated within the College premises. The Centre provides training in various Skills such as Tailoring, Embroidery, Basket making, and Handicrafts (from Waste Material), aimed at improving the Economic Prospects of Women and Empowering them to become financially independent..

Literacy Programme:

Every year, Sri Y N College distributes Notebooks, Pens, Pencils, and a set of Clothes to Socially and Economically Backward Students Studying in 6th to 10th Classes in the adopted areas, as a way of supporting their Education and Promoting Literacy.

Health Awareness Programme:

The Health Awareness Program aims to Educate people about the importance of Education for Girls, cleanliness, family planning, the harmful effects of smoking and drinking, prevention of AIDS, and health & hygiene awareness, aimed at improving the overall health and well-being of the community.

Medical Camps:

Sri Y N College organises health camps involving a team of doctors from the town to examine patients and distribute medicines, aimed at providing much-needed medical assistance and support to the community.

Fire Accident Victim Relief Camps:

Whenever fire accidents occur in the town or nearby villages, the College conducts relief camps and distributes Clothes, Rice bags, and Cash to the victims, aimed at providing much-needed assistance and support during times of crisis.

Relief during Natural Calamities:

In times of Natural calamities such as Floods, Cyclones, and Tsunamis, the staff and students of Sri Y N College work collectively to provide relief and rehabilitation to the victims. The College provides shelters and relief material to those affected, aimed at mitigating the impact of the disaster and supporting the affected communities.