Soft Skills & Communication Skills Training

Realising the need to sharpen Soft Skills & Communication Skills of students for lifelong success, the idea to operate Soft Skills & Communication Skills Training on the campus was conceived in 2017. Employers consistently rank Soft Skills are the most important criterion when considering candidates for employment. Yet lack of Soft Skills & Communication Skills has been cited as the most critical issue to be addressed for students across all disciplines. Soft skills are those personal attributes that enhance individual interactions, job performance and career prospects.

In an endeavour to remove the skills gaps and with the objective of creating market-ready professionals, Sri Y N College has embedded Soft Skills & Communication Skills training within the academic curriculum, assigning it weekly classes, mandatory credits and compulsory evaluation for all the Students across the campus, so as to prepare and empower the students for the professional field and personal life.

In this competitive, uncertain and fast-moving business world, training in Soft Skills & Communication Skills gives the cutting edge to excel and flourish. The key differentiator is not what work you do, but how you work. Strong Soft Skills & Communication Skills ensure a productive, collaborative and healthy work environment.

The key focus areas of the trainings include:

  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Goal Setting and Time Management.
  • Personal grooming and professional Etiquettes.
  • Communication and Presentation skills.
  • Team Building.
  • Adaptability.
  • Overall personality development.