UG Courses

Grade Points (SGPA and CGPA):

The student will be awarded grade points and letter grades along with marks for each subject/paper. Allotment of grade points and letter grades will be according to the proceedings of the Vice Chancellor, Adikavi Nannaya University No. ANUR/UGBOS/CBCS/REG/2015, dated 21/09/2015. They are as follows:

Letter grade Grade point Range of marks
O (Outstanding) 10 90-100
A+ (Excellent) 9 80-89.99
A (Very Good) 8 70-79.99
B+ (Good) 7 60-69.99
B (Above Average) 6 55-59.99
C (Average) 5 50-54.99
P (Pass) 4 40-49.99
F (Fail) 0 <40
Absent 0

The Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) will be calculated under UGC guidelines on Adoption of Choice Based Credit System as follows.

The SGPA is the ratio of sum of the product of the number of credits with the grade points scored by the student in all the courses taken by a student and the sum of the number of credits of the courses undergone by a student. i.e.,

SGPA (Si ) = (Ci x Gi ) / Ci

Where Ci is the number of credits of the ith course and Gi is the grade point scored by the student in the with course.

The CGPA is also calculated in the same manner taking into the account all the courses undergone by a student over all the semesters of the programme. i.e.,

CGPA = (Ci x Si ) / Ci

Where Si is the SGPA of the ith semester and Ci is the total number of credits in that semester

The SGPA and CGPA shall be rounded off to 2 decimal points and reported in the transcripts.

General Information:
  1. Odd semester end examinations (I, III) will be conducted in the months of October and November, whereas, Even semester end examinations (II, IV) will be conducted in the months of March and April of every academic year. Practical examinations will be commenced soon after the completion of theory examinations.
  2. Notification for the examination schedule and the payment of examination fee will be given at least one month before the commencement of Semester End Examinations. Students have to pay examination fee for every semester end examination at the college office. They should submit the duly filled in application at the college office immediately after the payment of the examination fee. If not, such students will not get their Hall Tickets and also will not be promoted to the next semester. Students who do not pay the examination fee will not be eligible to continue in to the next semester. The college waives examination fee for regular blind, deaf and dumb students.
  3. Results of the semester end examinations will be announced within one month after the completion of theory examinations. The results will be displayed on our college web site ‘’ Students can browse their result under ‘Exam Results’ icon on the home page. Results can also be browsed through the website ‘’.
  4. Students can apply for Revaluation or Personal Verification of Answer Script of semester end external examination paper on payment of the prescribed fee within five working days after the announcement of results.
  5. Semester End ‘Marks cum Grades Memo’ will be issued within one month after completion of the process of Revaluation. Students can collect their memos from the college office as and when they are announced to do so.
  6. The final year regular out going students and supplementary students who pass their Two-year PG Programme will be issued the “Provisional Degree Pass Certificate” and “Consolidated Marks cum Grades Memo” within two weeks after the completion of process of Revaluation. They can collect these memos at the Examination Section of the college on submitting a Xerox copy of Transfer certificate issued by the college.
  7. The Original Degree Certificate will be issued by the affiliating University. Passed students will be informed to collect them. The college will celebrate ‘Graduation Ceremony’ to issue the certificates.