Sri S Yacob

About Us:

The NSS Units of Sri Y N College have been serving the community for the past three decades with a dedication to the motto “Not Me But You.” The College has two NSS Units, each with 50 Junior and 50 Senior Volunteers and led by Senior Faculty Members Mr. S Yacob, Lecturer in Telugu, and Mr. E Vamsi, Lecturer in English, as its Programme Officers. The NSS Units organise various activities in accordance with the Annual Action Plan of the Affiliating University, presently, Adikavi Nannya University, with the cooperation of the Management, the Principal, the Advisory Committee, the Staff, and the Volunteers. Through the NSS, the College aims to contribute to the betterment of society and the development of the personality of its students.

Aim of the NSS:

  • The aim of the NSS is to develop the Personality of Students through Community Service.

Objectives of the NSS:

  • To work with and among people.
  • To engage in Creative and Constructive Social Action.
  • To enhance the Knowledge of oneself and the Community.
  • To put scholarship to Practical use in Mitigating Problems.
  • To gain skills in the Exercise of Democratic Leadership.
  • To gain skills in Program Development to enable for Self-employment.
  • To bridge the Gap between the Educated and Uneducated masses.
  • To promote the will to serve the Weaker sections of the Community

NSS Programmes:

  • Clean and Green program to promote Environmental Sustainability.
  • Blood Donation program to contribute to the Welfare of Society.
  • Swachh Bharat program to promote Cleanliness and Hygiene.
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness program to spread Awareness about the Disease.
  • Child Labour Awareness program to fight against Child Labor.
  • Literacy Awareness program to promote Education and Awareness.
  • Observing Important Days like World Environment Day, Engineer’s Day, NSS Day, World AIDS Day, Gandhi Jayanthi, etc.
  • Voluntary Service to the Public during festivals like Antarvedi, Sivarathri, etc., and during Floods and Natural Disasters.