Vice-Presidents & Treasurers

Vice-Presidents and Treasurers of our College play an important role in shaping the Institution’s history and legacy. These individuals have served the College with distinction and made significant contributions to its growth and success. Through their leadership, dedication, and hard work, they have helped to build a strong foundation for the College, and their legacy continues to inspire future generations of students and staff.

Vice-Presidents have been instrumental in guiding the College through challenging times, developing innovative programs, and promoting a culture of excellence. They have worked to enhance the student experience, improve the quality of education, and promote a sense of Community on campus.

Treasurers have played a vital role in ensuring the financial stability and sustainability of the college. Through their expertise in finance, budgeting, and accounting, they have helped to maintain the long-term financial stability of the College, and their contributions have helped to secure its future.

Following are the Vice-Presidents & Treasurers of this august College who served this College with dedication and with elan. As a mark of respect, we are displaying their details of these stalwarts.

Sri Ponnapalli Sri Rama Rao

Vice President 2022-Till Date
Treasurer 2018-2022

Sri Polisetty Sri Raghurama Rao

2022-Till Date
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