Sri S Yacob


Red Ribbon Club

About Us:

The Red Ribbon Club was formed in Sri Y N College in the year 2014. It has 30 members who participate in all its activities. It is envisaged to instil among all the students in the educational institution values of service, develop healthy life styles, and increase availability of safe and adequate quantities of blood to all the needy. We also aim at harnessing the protentional of the youth by equipping them with correct information on mental health, substance abuse, nutrition and reproductive health and building their capacities as peer educators in spreading message on positive health behaviour in an enabling environment.


The mission is to educate the student/public about HIV and to raise awareness to support AIDS service organizations. To do this, we organize and produce the Red Ribbon club activities like Blood Donation Camps etc.

Objectives of the Club:

As youth is the coming future of India. So, Sri Y N College Red Ribbon Club indulge the youth in the activities which lead to make them aware of causes and prevention of AIDS. Thus, Objectives of Sri Y N College Red Ribbon Club are:

  • To Foster a community planning process that encourages inclusion and parity among community planning members.

  • To provide a platform for strengthening the responses to HIV among the diverse populations.

  • To increase global awareness of the continuing impact of HIV and AIDS.

  • To promote effective action through leadership and shared responsibility at all levels of government and society.

  • To promote accountability among all stakeholders engaged at various levels of the response to HIV and AIDS.

Activities of the Club:
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness Programmes.
  • Blood Donation Camps.
  • Visiting hospitals and distributing fruits to patients suffering from HIV/AIDS, and giving moral support.
  • Conducting Guest Lectures on HIV/AIDS.
  • Conducting Awareness Classes to the members of RRC.