Sri B N S V Prasad

About Us:

Sri Y N College has adopted Ponnapalli, Kotavaddapalem and Nandamuri Colony slum areas, in Narasapur town, consisting predominantly Fishermen Community, for “College out reach programme”. The college community service centre conducted survey in Ponnapalli slum area and collected data from 540 families in November 2003 and in Kotavaddapalem slum area from 210 families in September 2005 to identify the poor and needy and give support to school going poor children.  The survey has helped us to identify school dropouts, orphan and destitute women who are in need of help.  So the college has started a vocational Training Programme to help them make self-reliant in the society. Funds for this programme are being met from the college management fund.

Aims and Objectives of the Programme:
  • To improve literacy rate and to give financial support to the economically weak and deserving school going children.

  • Establish a vocational training programme for school dropouts and orphan girls for self employment.

  • To organize Literacy, Health, Sanitation and Aids Awareness Programmes.

  • To take relief measures, rehabilitation and reconstruction programmes aimed at the development of people or areas affected by Natural calamities.

  • To organize social action programmes to alleviate injustice and inequality among under privileged sections of the slum areas.


“To bring better changes in their lives, and Economic Empowerment of Women and Children”.

Swayam Krishi:

Vocational training centre for school dropouts and poor and needy women. It is situated in our college premises, where vocational training like tailoring, embroidery, basket making and handicrafts (from waste material) is given for needy women and school dropouts.

Literacy Programme:

Every year we are distributed to notebooks,pens,pencils and one pair of clothes to socially and economically backward students studying 6th to 10th class of adopted areas.

Health Awareness Programme:

This program was aimed to educate people on education for girls,cleanliness,family planning,evils of smoking and drinking, prevention of AIDS and health and hygiene awareness.

Medical Camps:

Health camps were organised by the college involving a team of Doctors of our town who examined the patients and distributed medicines.

Fire Accident Victim Relief Camps:

>Whenever fire accidents occur in the town or nearby villages we conduct relief camps and distribute Clotes,rice bags,cash etc.,to the victims.

Relief during Natural Calamities:

At times of natural calamities like floods cyclones and Tsunami the staff and students collectively attend and work for the rehabilitation of the victims. College provides shelters and relief material to the victims.