Academic Affairs Functions

Functions of Academic Affairs

  1. To effectively implement Vision and Mission of the College
  2. Scrutinise the academic rules and regulations, Academic Calendar, curriculum, syllabus and modifications thereof.
  3. Scrutinise and approve the proposals with modification of the Board of Studies with regard to courses of study.
  4. To conduct Board of Studies meetings both UG and PG.
  5. To conduct Academic Council meetings
  6. To Monitoring Academic and Research Activity of various departments of UG and PG.
  7. Academic Affairs shall be wholly responsible for framing Academic policies.
  8. The Academic Affairs shall be responsible for the maintenance of the standard of teaching and examinations within the College Campus.
  9. The Academic Affairs verify instructional and evaluation arrangements, feedback methods, procedures relevant to.
  10. To consider any educational matter relating to Academic Affairs and to arrive at decisions.
  11. To make rules and regulations for sports, extra-curricular activities
  12. The Academic Affairs give guidelines for women empowerment cell.
  13. HODs are advised to encourage the students regarding employability skills (HRD) for good placements.
  14. HODs are advised to motivate the students regarding entrepreneurship development programmes to encouraging start-ups.
  15. To give suggestions to all HODs to impart knowledge regarding creative thinking, skill development, thinking out of the box and industrial visits.
  16. To advise the Head of the Departments for conducting the Seminars, Workshops and FDP etc.
  17. HODs are to take part in active research work paper published in UGC
    Referred journals or Scopus Index.
  18. HODs are must take part of academic research work and Minor Research Projects (MRP).
  19. HODs are advised to encourage the Consultancies and Collaborations and MOUs for good achievement.
  20. Make rules and regulations regarding the admission of the students to different programmes of the study in the College keep in view the policy of the Government and Adikavi Nannaya University.
  21. To maintain Documentation Data Base Management System (DBMS) & Structured Query Language (SQL).
  22. To coordinate with IQAC
  23. To conduct teacher training/ Orientation programmes.
  24. HODs are advised to encourage for conducting virtual classes
  25. HODs are advised to encourage for conducting students counselling
  26. HODs are advised to encourage for conducting meetings with students
    and their parents.

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