Research Policy

Sri Y N College has designed the Research Promotion Policy in order to nurture a sustainable research culture in the College. The policy includes the following issues:

  • To develop the Research inclination in all the teaching faculty members.
  • To train the teaching faculty members in the research methodology
  • To encourage the teaching faculty members to participate in the FDPs for developing research skills.
  • To encourage the teaching faculty members to publish the research articles in the reputed journals
  • To motivate the UG and PG teaching faculty members to pursue the Ph.D degree in the reputed Universities
  • To encourage the teachers to take up mini and major research projects by applying to different funding agencies like UGC, DST, ICSSR, AICTE etc.
  • To develop the research infrastructure in the College.
  • To encourage the academic departments to emerge as the Research Centres in the College.
  • To provide the financial support to the teachers doing research.
  • To reward the teachers upon the successful publication of the research articles in the UGC recognized journals.
  • To develop networking with industry and business and to promote collaborative research.
  • To provide seed money to the faculty members for taking up research projects.
  • To identify the thrust areas of research for carrying out focused research.
  • To encourage research on the issues of local, regional and national importance.
  • To recognize and reward quality research.
  • To develop the research skills in the students.

Code of Ethics for Research

The College has formulated the Code of Ethics for the conduct of the Research Activity on the fair lines. All the researchers have to adhere to the code of Ethics scrupulously.

  • Honesty:The Research Scholars and the Guides are to be honest in gathering, reporting and publishing the data.
  • Objectivity:The researchers have to be unbiased in selecting the samples, analysing the data and other aspects of the research where the objectivity is very much needed.
  • Integrity:The researchers have to maintain the personal integrity between their plans and the deeds.
  • Carefulness:The researchers are to take meticulous care in drafting their reports by avoiding the duplication’s and errors.
  • Transparency:The researchers are to be frank, transparent and open in disclosing their ideas, resources and results.
  • Confidentiality:The researchers have to maintain the utmost confidentiality in maintaining the documents relating to the Government and defence records.
  • Accountability:The researchers must carry the personal accountability for their research activity and be ready to provide answers posed by different sections of the society.
  • Originality:The researchers should develop creativity, novelty and originality in doing the research.
  • Fairness:The researchers must seek permission for using the unpublished data from the right persons and authorities. Plagiarism should be totally avoided.
  • Publication:The researchers should go for the authentic publication of their research results.
  • Mentoring:The researchers are expected to mentor the budding researchers and the students as part of their moral responsibility.
  • Indiscrimination:The researchers should not discriminate people on the basis of gender, religion or ethnicity and strive for promoting cordial relations among people
  • Social Responsibility:The researchers must strive for promoting the social harmony, peace and environmental sustainability through their research.