Sri M Venkata Ratnam

About Us:

The College has started a Yoga and Health Centre in the campus in 2004 under the direction of Acharya K.G.Prasada Raju, Founder of Sri Vasista Sevasram, Antharvedi, E.G.Dt. A senior faculty member, trained in yoga, has been appointed as the coordinator. The Yoga Centre offers a short duration, 15 days Certificate course in ‘Yoga’. The course is offered in the evening from 4 to 5 PM. A maximum of 30 students are admitted in each batch. Throughout the year, barring examination period, the course is offered. Students are admitted for a nominal fee of Rs.50/-.

The Coordinator offers training in physical fitness exercises, suryanamaskaraas, yoga aasanas, pranayama and meditation. In the first 30 minutes, moral principals and astaanga yoga are taught. Students are made to realize their innate strengths through this blend of theory and practice. Spiritual masters from different places are invited to deliver discourses and conduct workshops to the students every year.

The Yoga Centre works in close association with the Ramakrishna Seva Samithi of Narsapur. This has facilitated the mutual exchange programmes between the College and the Math. Students of the College participate in the competitions and workshops conducted by the Ramakrishna Math outside the campus. In turn Swamiji’s from the Math visit the College to enlighten the students through their discourses.