Sri R V Satyanarayana

Programme Ofiicer,
NSS Unit-I

Sri S Yacob

Programme Ofiicer,
About Us:

The NSS Units of Sri Y N College have been functioning for the last three decades, working with dedication and following its motto, NOT ME BUT YOU in letter and spirit. The College has two NSS units, with senior faculty members Mr. R V Satyanarayana, Lecturer in sanskrit`, and Mr. S Yacob, Lecturer in Telugu as its Programme Officers,. There are 50 Junior and 50 Senior volunteers in each unit. The units organize various activities in accordance with the Annual Action Plan of the Affiliating University, presently, Adikavi Nannya University, with the cooperation of the Management, the Principal, the Advisory Committee, the staff and the volunteers. B.Kiran Kumar of III BCom., and V. Harsha Teja of II BSc., achieved the State Best Volunteer Awards during Godavari Pushkarams, by Hon. Chief Min. Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

Aim of the NSS:

  • Development of the Personality of students through community service.

Objectives of the NSS:

  • 1. To work with/among people.
  • 2. To engage in creative and constructive social action.
  • 3. To enhance his/her knowledge of himself/herself and the community.
  • 4. To put his/her scholarship to practical use in mitigating at least some of the problems.
  • 5. To gain skill in the exercise of democratic leadership.
  • 6. To gain skills in programme development to enable him/her for self-employment.
  • 7. To bridge the gulf between the educated and the uneducated masses.
  • 8. To promote the will to serve the weaker section of the community.

NSS Programmes:

  • 1. Clean and Green
  • 2. Blood Donation
  • 3. Swachh Bharat
  • 4. HIV/AIDS Awareness
  • 5. Child Labour Awareness
  • 6. Literacy Awareness
  • 7. Observing Important Days
    • a. World Environment Day
    • b. Engineer’s Day
    • c. NSS Day
    • d. World AIDS Day
    • e. Gandhi Jayanthi etc.
  • 8. Voluntary Service to the Public during:
    • a. Godavari Pushkarams
    • b. Antarvedi, Sivarathri etc., Festivals
    • c. Floods/Natural Disasters

Achievements/Awards of the Programme Officers and Volunteers:

  • Dr. M Nageswara Rao, Programme Officer of Unit-I, achieved State Level Best Programme Officer for Godavari Pushkarams (July, 2015) by the Commissioner of Collegiate Education, Ms. B Udaya Lakshmi. He also achieved the University Level Best Programme Officer for Antya Pushkarams, (July, 2016) by the Nannaya University.