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Recognized Research guides:

Dr.R.Pardha Saradhi


Dr.G.S.Rama Krishna

The College has constituted a Research Committee to monitor and address the issues of research activities, under the chairmanship of the Principal.

Constitution of the Research Committee:
S.No., Name and Designation, Department
1.   Principal,
2.   Vice-Principal
4.   Dr.S.B.Ronald,Reader, Chemistry
5.   Dr.G.S.V.S. Saibaba, Reader and HOD, Mathematics
7.   Dr.K.Nageswara Rao,Reader and HOD,Hindi
The following are the functions of the committee.
  • To identify the thrust areas of research.
  • To advice and encourage the faculty to carry out research.
  • To encourage and motivate the faculty to undertake UGC research projects (minor/major).
  • To identify the physical and human resources to carryout research.
  • To identify the budgetary requirements and resources for funding the research.
  • To periodically review the progress of research and offer necessary guidance whenever required.
  • To monitor the funding from the College budget for promotion of research activities.
  • To scrutinize minor and major research project proposals submitted to UGC and AICTE.
  • To monitor and assess the progress of sponsored research projects.
  • To advise and arrange seminars / conferences / workshops.
  • The Research Committee meets once in a year and reviews the research activities. It advises the various departments to take up UGC Research Projects, and the faculty members to register for M.Phil. and Ph.D. It identifies the thrust areas of Research and communicates the same to all the faculty members. It encourages the faculty members to write research articles and attend seminars and workshops. It also adivises them to promote research aptitude in the students by way of assigning study projects, paper presentations in other colleges, field surveys etc. Consequently seven departments have applied for minor research projects. While four projects were completed, one is in the process of execution, and two are awaiting approval. All the Boards of Studies have made study projects mandatory for all the final year students. A number of faculty members published books, chapters in books and research articles in national and international journals; and attended workshops and seminars.

    One of the major impacts of the recommendations of the Research Committee is that the MBA Department has applied for Research Centre status and obtained it from the Andhra University. Five scholars are on the rolls of the Centre. Seven faculty members are pursuing Ph.D., on part time basis, and two are pursuing M.Phil. under UGC, FDP.

    The policy of the college to promote research culture in the college:

    The College accords highest priority to the academic research and thus instituted a Research Committee which works in association with the IQAC. It encourages the aided faculty to avail the UGC FDP to pursue M.Phil. and Ph.D. It facilitates the research activity of the faculty members by allocating funds from UGC CPE grants. It encourages the unaided faculty members to pursue research by giving financial assistance and study leave, and rewards those who have successfully completed M.Phil. and Ph.D, with an extra increment in their salary.

    To aid the faculty members doing research, the College has equipped the UG and PG libraries with a number of standard reference books, and National and International journals with back volumes, and computers with internet and INFLIBINET facility.

    Research Policy:
  • To encourage teachers to take up research projects
  • To develop research infrastructure
  • To develop networking with industry and business, to promote collaborative research
  • To provide financial support for starters
  • To identify the thrust areas of research for carrying out focussed research
  • To encourage research on local problems
  • To recognize and reward quality research
  • To involve advanced learners in research

Research Scholars :
S.NO Year Scholar Name Research Title View
1 2017-18 Sri.K.Ravi Chandran Click here
2 2020-21 Pavan Kumar Click here