Upcoming Events

27 Apr

Aanvik Electronics Society at Sri Y N College is thrilled to announce its workshop in celebration of International Design Day, featuring the theme 'Is It Kind?' Join us as we honor this occasion by delving into the fascinating world of design and technology, exploring innovative ideas and creative solutions

26 Apr

Department of Management Studies at Sri Y N College is hosting a workshop on World Intellectual Property Day, centered around the theme 'IP and the SDGs: Building our common future with innovation and creativity

23 Apr

The Department of English is delighted to organize a vibrant event: the Student Seminar Competitions on English Language Day. This gathering promises to be an engaging platform where students can showcase their linguistic prowess and intellectual insights. Through lively discussions and presentations, participants will delve into the nuances of the English language, fostering a spirit of academic excellence and linguistic appreciation. Join us for a day filled with learning, exploration, and celebration of the richness of the English language.

22 Apr

Aanvik Electronics Society at Sri Y N College is hosting an awareness programme to mark World Earth Day under the compelling theme 'Planet vs. Plastics'

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