Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation

Sri Ch SV Ravi Kumar

Coordinator - APSSDC & Career Guidance

About Organization

The Govt. of AP has formed 7 different Missions to achieve double digit growth for the state and to make AP among the most developed state in the country. Among these, the Knowledge and Skills Mission has been formed to provide trained and skilled manpower to all other Missions. To bring the faster execution State Government Andhra Pradesh has established The Department of Skill Development, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (DSDEI) has been further created to coordinate and synergize skilling efforts of all departments. Under which APSSDC is formed.


To target 20 million people in AP in next 15 years towards skilling and entrepreneurship to meet skilled human power demands of all Missions and shape AP as the skilled-workforce and knowledge hub for the world


To eliminate the poverty and create decent work for all by investing in the social capital through employment-oriented and industry aligned skill development and livelihood generation


Identify the gaps in the existing skills ecosystem andupgrade skills to international standards through significantindustry involvement, develop necessary frameworks for qualityassurance and establish state-of-art skill colleges across all MPConstituencies to redefine employability skills in the State ofAndhra Pradesh.
Ensure the effectiveness of the different skill developmentprograms conducted by state government departments, corporations,societies and agencies by convergence and standardization

Andhra Pradesh – Scenario

Andhra Pradesh has a population of 4.94 Crore as 10 populous state of country. The state has 13 districts,Andhra Pradesh is strategically located with a 974 km coastline, The state has 30 existing urban centers, 3 mega cities and 12 smart cities planned. Andhra Pradesh has a huge potential for the job market as the various industrial belts are been planned.

Sponsored Equipment (APSSDC):
S.NO Date Equipment Details Quantity
1 04-02-2017 Laptops 30
2 04-02-2017 Solar Panel with 2 Batteries and Inverter 1
3 20-04-2017 LED TV 2
4 23-05-2017 Tabs 30
5 19-06-2017 Printer 1
6 23-06-2017 PA System 1
7 23-06-2017 Wi-Fi Router 1
8 23-06-2017 Wi-Fi Hotspot 2
9 03-01-2018 CC Cameras & CC TV Controller 4
10 25-09-2018 Laptops 30
11 27-10-2018 LED TV 2
12 03-11-2018 Wi-Fi Router 1

APSSDC Activities
S.NO Date Name of the Activity Link
1 02/03/2022 One Week Training Programme on Employability Skills - NAANDI FOUNDATION Click here
2 03/01/2020 One Week Training Programme on Communication Skills - NAANDI FOUNDATION Click here