Sri Y N College boasts an active and engaged alumni association that supports the college in numerous ways. Here are some of the activities the association is involved in:

Orientation Programmes: Every year, prominent alumni are invited to be a part of the college’s orientation programme for new students. This allows the alumni to share their experiences and inspire the next generation of students.

Department Support: The alumni association supports each of the individual departments in the college for their academic activities. This helps to create a strong bond between the alumni and their respective departments.

Interactive Sessions: The association arranges interactive sessions and lectures by the alumni for the current students. These sessions provide a platform for students to interact with successful alumni and gain insights into their respective fields.

Alumni Reunions: The College holds alumni reunions regularly, providing a platform for former students to come together and reconnect. This helps to foster a sense of community among the alumni.

Alumni Meets: The association also organises alumni meets that bring together alumni from different batches and departments. This provides a platform for alumni to network, exchange ideas, and stay connected with the college.

The alumni association plays a vital role in maintaining a strong relationship between the college and its former students. It creates a sense of community and allows the alumni to give back to the institution that helped shape their careers.

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1 08/09/2022 & 09/01/2022 Alumni Reunion - 2022 Celebrations View Link