Chromatic Aberrations Part I
Chromatic Aberrations Part II
when the object is at a Finite distance
Achromatic Doublet
Types of Monochromatic aberration
Visual of longitudinal spherical aberration
Elimination of Spherical Aberration
Curvature of the field
Astigmatism Part I
Astigmatism Part II
Interference Part I
Interference Part II
Fresnel's Bi prism
Fresnel's Biprism part II
Cosine Law
Monochromatic aberration, methods of elimination
Achromatic Doublet
Quantum Numbers
Stern Gerlach Experiment
Raman Effect Part I
Raman Effect Part II
General Properties of Nuclei-15 09 2020
Sommerfield Atomic Model 25 08 2020
Vector Atom Model 27 08 2020
Quantum Numbers Part II 31 08 2020 lmr
Quantum Numbers Part I 31 08 2020
III BSc V SEM paper V Syllabus24 08 2020
Gauss field Part I 02 09 2020 prk
Electric field due to uniformly charged shpere 04 09 2020 prk
Gauss Law Part II 16 09 2020 prk
I BSC 1st Semester physics