M-01. General organization and classification of neuron
M-02. Neuronal Cytoskeleton
M-05. Molecular aspect of development of action potential and conduction
M-06. Synapse and Neuromuscular Junction
M-07. Mechanisms of Neurotransmitter Release
M08 Receptors in neurotransmission
M-11. Environmental factors leading to neuronal function
M-14. Classification of hormones
M-16. Nature of Hormone Receptors
M-17. Neuroendocrine feedback and response to varied stimuli
M-19. Pituitary hormones
M-20. Thyroid and Parathyroid hormones
M-21. Pancreatic hormone
M-22. Adrenocorticomedullary Hormone
M-23. Gastrointestinal hormones
M-24. Reproductive Hormones
M-26. Osmoregulation in Aquatic Invertebrates
M-28. Osmoregulation in terrestrial animals