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1 IEDC Brochure Click here
2 MoE-Institution's Innovation Council Establishment Certificate Click here
3 MoE-Rural Entrepreneurship Development Cell Certificate Click here
4 Unnat Bharat Abhiyan Membership Click here
5 Minutes of IED Centre Meetings 2020-21 Click here
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10 Start-Up Inauguration - Vishnavi Vidya Enterprise, Tanuku Click here
11 Start-Ups – Coconut Export Business - By Chinimilli Naveen Click here
12 Mobile and Computer Electronic Accessories & Services – Startup -- By Mr. Sk. Abdul Aziz Click here
13 Start-Ups - Balloons and Flowers Decoration for Events By M. Suresh Kumar Sri Click here
14 Online Business - Startup by Ms. Koppula Sheryl Hladini Click here
15 Online IELTS Institute - Startup by Mrs. Kovvali Sri Lakshmi Click here
16 Online Business - Startup by Mrs. Irrinki Venkata Lakshmi Click here
17 Start-up Enterprise for Self-Employment by Mrs. Iduri Haritha Click here
18 MoU with Delta Paper Mills Ltd., Vendra Click here
19 MoU with Crochet Lace Park Click here
20 MoU with Adharana Charitable Trust Click here
21 MoU with Vishnavi Vidhya Enterprises Click here
22 MoU with Suvarna Bhoomi Developers Click here
23 MoU with Yagnamaya Tech, Chennai Click here