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1 IEDC Brochure Click here
2 MoE-Institution's Innovation Council Establishment Certificate Click here
3 MoE-Rural Entrepreneurship Development Cell Certificate Click here
4 Unnat Bharat Abhiyan Membership Click here
5 Minutes of IED Centre Meetings 2020-21 Click here
6 IED Centre Meeting Circulars 2020-21 Click here
7 Minutes of IED Centre Meetings 2019-20 Click here
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10 Start-Up Inauguration - Vishnavi Vidya Enterprise, Tanuku Click here
11 Start-Ups – Coconut Export Business - By Chinimilli Naveen Click here
12 Mobile and Computer Electronic Accessories & Services – Startup -- By Mr. Sk. Abdul Aziz Click here
13 Start-Ups - Balloons and Flowers Decoration for Events By M. Suresh Kumar Sri Click here
14 Online Business - Startup by Ms. Koppula Sheryl Hladini Click here
15 Online IELTS Institute - Startup by Mrs. Kovvali Sri Lakshmi Click here
16 Online Business - Startup by Mrs. Irrinki Venkata Lakshmi Click here
17 Start-up Enterprise for Self-Employment by Mrs. Iduri Haritha Click here
18 MoU with Delta Paper Mills Ltd., Vendra Click here
19 MoU with Crochet Lace Park Click here