NCC Achievements during the Academic Year 2020-21:

  • On 6th January, 2021, 6 Cadets participated on boat pulling competition for SD’s conducted by 7(A) Naval Unit between SVKP and Dr K S Raju College and Sri Y N College, Narsapur. Our College Navy team (Mr. A Rajesh, Mr. V C N V Satya Sai, Mr. N Sai Kumar, Mr. K Prasanth, Mr. M Mohan Kumar, Mr. K Satya Prasad) won 1st place in this competition.

  • Cdt. K. Jay Prakash attended YEP selections 31-01-2021 to 10-02- 2021 held at Secunderabad.

  • Six Navy Cadets Team participated in boat pulling competition held at Penugonda conducted by 7(A) Naval Unit. Participants are Mr. N Harsha Vardhan, Mr. N Sandeep, Mr. A Durga Ganesh , Mr. P Rajesh Kumar, Mr. K Jay Prakash, Mr. K Satya Prasad.

  • NCC Achievements during the Academic Year 2019-20:

    • Ms. Ch Jahnavi Chowdary, Mr. P Jagadeesh and Mr. K Jagadeesh attended NRAP 06th to 16th Jan. 2020 held at Tezpur.

    • Two cadets attended RDC 2020 at New Delhi from 31st Dec, 2019 to 3rd Jan, 2020

    • Six Cadets participated in Sea-Sailing Camp from 06-12-19 to 17-12-19 held from Vizag to Kakinada.

    • Ms. Ch Jahnavi attended IGC RDC at Secunderabad from 29th Oct. to 09th Nov., 2019.

    • 16 Cadets attended IGC at Visakhapatnam (Namak Block) from 21-08-2019 to 30-08-2019. Three cadets Mr. N Sai Kumar, Mr. V C N C Satya Sai, Mr. K Satya Sai have won GOLD, SILVER medals, for Boat pulling and sailling activities.

    • Five Cadets attended Ship attachment camp at Cochin from 11th to 22nd June 2019.

    NCC Achievements during the Academic Year 2018-19:

    • Cadet Mr. K Vijay Daniel attended RDC 2019 at New Delhi.

    • Cadets Ms. H Radha Particiapted in AINSC at Karwar from 14th to 22nd Nov. 2018 and won Bronze medal in semaphore.

    • Five Cadets participated in the Godavari Sailing Camp conducted by 7(A) Narsapur Naval Unit from 04-09-2018 to 15-09-2018 from Bhadrachalam to Samalkot.

    NCC Achievements during the Academic Year 2017-18:

    • Godavari Sailing Camp Conducted by 8(A) Vijayawada from 04-09-2017 to 14-09-2017 at Bhadrachalam to Yanam. Mr. K Rama Satya Sai, Mr. V Mahendra Varma , Ms. Y Harika and Ms. K Vasudha participated.

    • 19 Cadets attended Inter Group Competitions (IGC) at Visakhapatnam from 28- 08-2017 to 30-08-2017. Gold Medal Winners Mr. Ch Vijay Kumar Raja and Ms. Shiek Najeera were selected directly for RDC Camp Delhi. Ms. P Harika Devi, Mr. M Rama Raju, Mr. M Bhargav, Mr. K Nagendra and Mr. K Jaya Shruthi won silver medals in various events.

    NCC Achievements during the Academic Year 2016-17:

    • 45 Cadets attended the Social Policing Programme on 14-02-2017 in Sri Y N College, Narsapur. Out these 15 Candidates selected as Community Policing Officers for Narsapur Town.

    • Cadets PSS Pavan, Mr. V Raju, Mr. P Harika Devi and Mr. Sk.Nazeer attended to National Integration Camp(NIC) in Maharastra from 15th to 27th December, 2016.

    • Cadet Mr. Y Yugandhar II B.Sc. MPE attended to RDC 2017 at New Delhi from 28-11-2016 to 10-02-2017.

    • Three Cadets P Geetha Rani, Mr. K Madhu Babu and Mr. K Manikanta attended all India Navasainik Camp 2016 in the month of October 2016 held in Karnataka.

    • 14 Cadets attended intergroup competitions(IGC) at Visakhapatnam from 29-08-2016 to 07-09-2016. 4 Cadets Mr. Sk. Nazir, Ms. P Geetha Rani, Mr. K Yugandhar and Mr Vijaya Kumar Raju got gold medals in ship modeling competitions.