Profile of the Department



The department of Physics came into existence in the year 1949 with sir P V Somayajulu as the Head of the department. The department was succeeded by the heads by Sri B V S Suryanarayana, Sri Y Sundarasiva Rao, Sri S Gurumurthy, Sri T S Prasad, Sri K L N Rao.

Dr A R S Kumar took charge as head of the department in 2013. The department connected with different courses B Sc – MPC (TM & EM), MPE (EM) and MPCs (EM).

Present Faculty and Working Since:


  • Dr A P V Appa Rao, Working Since 07-12-1993.
  • Sri J Rama Mohan, Working Since 17-12-1993.
  • Dr L Malleswara Rao,Working Since 22-08-1990.
  • Sri P Ramakrishna Rao, Working Since 28-02-1998.
  • Sri M Shankar, Working Since 08-09-2006.
  • Kum A S Sai Jyothi, Working Since 01-06-2016.
  • Sri G S D J Swaroop, Working Since 11-07-2016.
  • Kum I Mounica Sri, Working Since 14-07-2016.

Non-teaching Staff:

  • Sri K Satya Prakash – Record Assistant.
  • Sri S Venkateswarlu – Attender.
  • Smt R Aruna Kumari – Attender.




  • The Faculty members are highly qualified with 3 doctorates and 2 M.Phil’s. Faculty members are actively participated in workshops / seminars and presented many number of papers in National and International journals.
  • The department conducted three seminars sponsored by UGC –
    • “Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics – The Present and Future” on 18th & 19th December 2004.
    • A National seminar on “ Natural calamities – Role of Scientist and Administrators” on 2nd February 2008.
    • A regional seminar on “Recent trends in climatic changes and managing strategies” on 22nd February 2014.




  • The department is located in an area of 187.42 sq.mts. or 8071 sq.ft. The lab is fully equipped to conduct B Sc – Physics practicals for all papers. A good number of old and new books more than 250 in department library.
  • The lab has an LCD, television with internet facility to  give and watch the important lectures with ICT facility and scientific programmes for the better knowledge of students, which are transmitted by UGC and various Universities.


Recent Achievements:


  • All the staff members are actively connected with academic extension and extra curricular activities.
  • The department members are nominated in various committees drafted by the Principal. Dr A R S Kumar is presently Vice-Principal and NCC Officer. Dr A P V Appa Rao acting as controller of examination in autonomous.

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