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To create a Centre of Excellence for imparting state-of -art education, training and research in the field of Embedded Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Internet of Things, Ambient Intelligence at undergraduate level. we are at imparting quality education and imbibe skills for solving real life problems.


To instil the importance of positive societal impact of all knowledge and encourage and enable the next generation to put these values into practice to improve quality of life. To inculcate holistic approach towards system building for effective participation in missions that involve mega projects such as space, defense and atomic energy leading to great social impact.


Department of Electronics was established in the year 1984. The department offers UG Programmes namely B.Sc. Maths, Physics & Electronics(MPE), B.Sc. Maths, Electronics & Computer Science(MECs). In order to cater to the queries and expectations of the students, the department has well-equipped laboratories from its inception with development of time and growth of technologies; the existing laboratories were renovated for Embedded Systems and Internet of Things Practicums. B.Sc. Electronics Programme initiates its students into the basics of this potent and diverse field and also offers scope for specialization in optional areas. The department is proud to have highly qualified, experienced and highly dedicated faculty. All the faculty members are equally passionate about their research and teaching. The main motive of the faculty members is to inculcate a sense of logical and scientific reasoning amongst their students.

The Department is also offering need based, skill enhancing Certificate/Add-on Courses Artificial Intelligence & Metaverse, Ambient Intelligence in tune with the policy of Govt. of India on Skill development to give practical training to the students for better employment &self-employment skills. The encouragement and guidance of the college management and other departments was always there for helping for overall development of the department.

Teaching Learning:

Department of Electronics strives to deliver undergraduate teaching in a meaningful manner and create an environment where students are able to discover their potential. The Electronics department has always been committed to the students and their desire to achieve their life goals. The department often hosts events like talks, seminars, and workshops to introduce students to the newest research fields being investigated around the globe. The department has implemented a number of cutting-edge teaching-learning methodologies in addition to a blended learning approach. The emphasis is placed on active learning techniques such peer review, group discussions, book reviews, paper presentations, assignments, and E- posters. By conducting field-based research projects on a range of subjects, students can learn in the field. Under various student enrichment programmes, motivational talks are organised to promote student contact with famous scientists. Additionally, special lecture series offered by other colleges are recommended for students to attend. The Department places a strong emphasis on project-based learning because it adheres to the belief that learning should occur outside of the classroom. The course structure is used to its fullest potential to encourage students to engage in independent and active learning through projects. The department also encourages students to participate in summer internship programmes and projects at other research organisations.

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