Profile of the Department


The faculty of Biology was introduced right from the inception of the College. The department of Biology was started only with two staff members – Sri G Srirama Murthy, a famous and experienced Lecturer in Botany, and Sri DV Rama Sarma, an equally qualified lecturer in Zoology faculty.

When Sri G Srirama Murthy left the College, a highly qualified, well experienced lecturer Sri Nidumolu Venkateswara Rao was inducted as lecturer in Botany. At the same time, Sri G Rama Joga Rao was appointed as lecturer in Zoology when Sri D V Ram Sarma left the College to join in Andhra University for research work.

The department of Zoology was first created in 1960 after the introduction of UGC scales of pay and Sri G Rama Joga Rao was made the first Head of the Department on 21.06.1964.

Eversince the creation of the department with its experienced staff, it has been striving for excellence in teaching. In the process, Sri N Solmon Raju was appointed as demonstrator in Zoology, who later left for PG Courses in Andhra University and proved himself as a great researcher and was awarded PhD. Now Sri Solmon Raju is in USA as retired faculty member.

Later, Andhra University selected Sri Rama Joga Rao, Head of the Department, as a member of the Academic Council, and the University has also recommended Sri Y N College to CSIR as a centre for field research in Vasista Godavari Estuary, a virgin area. Zoology laboratory was suitably equipped to do research work.

Several scholars of Marine Biology did their research work in Zoology department. Dr ABS Murthy, Principal of this College worked for Doctoral programme in our laboratory and secured PhD.

Sri G Rama Joga Rao worked for his research project on Plankton production in Vasista Godavari Estuary with the encouragement given by the management of Sri YN College. He was awarded MPhil for his project. Sri Joga Rao acted as Incharge Principal of the college for the some time.

Sri GVGRK Bhaskara Rao served the College in various capacities – as lecturer, head of the department and Incharge Principal. Sri K V Rama Rao, retired lecturer in Zoology, was an experienced lecturer and has contributed well for the development of the Department of Fisheries.

Late Dr RV Rama Sastry, a renowned lecturer in Zoology, participated in National Seminar conducted in Delhi.

Sri P V Narasimham, who retired as head of the Department of Zoology, secured his MPhil degree and participated in several workshops and seminars. He got BGL and BL degrees, Diploma in Environmental Management and Diploma in Cyber Laws. He was taken as editor of Telugu Academy for Zoology text book in Telugu medium for Senior Intermediate students.

Sri N Sita Rama Rao, retired Head of the Department and Vice-Principal, an Mphil awardee assists in research activity of the department and in all aspects for the development of College.

Dr KVCS Appa Rao, old student of this institution appointed as a lecturer in Zoology on 1st March, 1981. He was awarded MPhil in 1990 from Andhra University. He was awarded PhD in 2003 under FIP UGC programme. He attended five seminars and two workshops and presented papers. He was promoted as Head of the Department of Zoology and developed the Zoology Deartment. He was promoted as Principal of this College on 1st April, 2014.

Dr NHK Durga Prasad, appointed as a adhoc lecturer in Zoology Department on 1st July, 1985, and confirmed as a lecturer in Fisheries 1st April, 1991. He is old student of this institution. Presently Reader and Head of the Department of Zoology. He attended 7 seminars, 2 workshops and presented research papers in national and state wide seminars. He was actively served for the College as Member Secretary of Academic Council and Convener for Examination Committee.

Thus, the department of Zoology has been functioning for academic excellence in all areas of professional pedagogue and silent research work. All these achievements were possible on account of excellent support given by management and staff other faculties particularly department of Botany and Chemistry with whom the department has interdisciplinary discussion.

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