Profile of the Department


“Libraries are the temples of learning”. One cannot but agree that our PG Library built right on the banks of River Vasishta Godavari, in the South-most of the College campus, is a temple not only in the intellectual sense, but also in an aesthetic and religious sense. The wonderful ventilation and continuous gentle breeze from the Godavari has a soothing and calming effect, and adds to the ambience and tranquility of the Library, as rightly it should be, for the mind to pleasantly pursue the intellectual endeavors, in the most suitable environment.

One of the most essential resources for an institution of Higher Education is the library. We have a well equipped computerized library, comprising over 20,000 volumes, many of which are of Research level. Around 80 National and International Journals and magazines belonging to various branches are subscribed. Some E-journals and some E-books are available. Software in Braille is available in a system for the specially-abled. Question papers of all semesters are available. Back volumes of some journals of about 20 years and more are available. The library has a section with 15 systems, and “Wi-Fi” Internet facility, to which the faculty and students have free access. There is a Research wing, in which there is a fine collection. Faculty, alumni and scholars doing M.Phil and Ph.D in various universities, coming from various parts of the state have been utilizing the resources since the establishment of the Library. Research Theses are also among the collection. Audio-Visuals up to 500 are kept available.

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