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English Department has been an integral part of the College since its establishment in 1949. Headed by stalwarts in English like Sri Vanguri Subbarao, Sri NCS Rangachari and Sri BV Apparao, the competent faculty members of the department have created a brand name both for the department and the institution. Following the footsteps of the predecessors, the present faculty members are doing their best to keep up their good work and also adapting themselves to the fast changing trends in English Language teaching in tune with the growing importance of English Communication skills for all successful careers.

Present faculty and working since:


  • S.M. Maheswari, M.A., B.L., M.Phil., (Ph.D) Working Since 16-04-1990
  • Dr. M. Nageswara Rao, M.A., Ph.D., Working Since 28-02-1998
  • T. Delsly, M.A., (FIP substitute), Working Since 21-06-2016
  • K. Praphulla, M.A., PGCTE (IGNOU), Working Since 24-08-2016
  • Ch. Someswari, M.A., B.Ed, Working Since 08-07-2019
  • E.Vamsi, M.A, Working Since
  • B.Kabitha Rani, MA(English), M.Sc(Computer Science), M.Sc(Maths), MS, B.Ed, Working Since 17-06-2015




    • The Dept. offers Special English in BA.
    • Language Lab with 30 Computers and Excellent software
    • Three of the members are holding additional responsibilities:
(A) Dr. C. Satyavani is
      • Staff Representative on the Governing Body
      • IQAC Coordinator
      • Convenor, Magazine Committee
      • Convenor, Cultural Committee
      • Editorial Team, College News Letter, Reflections
(B) Ms.S.M.Maheswari is
      • Coordinator,Women Empowerment Cell
      • JKC Trainer
(C) Dr. M.Nageswara Rao is
    • Programme Officer of College NSS Unit-I
    • Divisional Convenor, Red Ribbon Club.




English Language Lab:


  • Since English Communication skills and Computer skills have occupied the most important part of the curriculum, and the crucial components of HRD, English Language Lab was setup, with thirty computers with Young India Films Software, KVan Solutions, and a number of internet down loaded software and material.
  • The Department Library holds 250 books on English Language and Literature. In addition we have a number of CDs for teaching English.
  • The Department has special software for the sake of visually challenged students.
  • One of our faculty members, SM Maheswari is a JKC Mentor training the final year students in English Communication skills and employability skills.
  • The Department had conducted a Certificate Course in English Communication Skills to all the I Year Degree Students till 2015. Now the newly introduced CBCS has made Foundation Courses in Communication Skills and Soft Skills mandatory for the I and II Degree students.
  • The College is offering a three months “Communication and Soft Skills Programme” through its HRD Centre (16th Nov. 2016 to 15th Feb. 2017) for a hundred, select students of I year Degree, with English faculty members as the trainers.
  • Our Department offers BA with Special English, a course with a growing demand due to its employment potential.


Recent Achievements:


  • Dr. M. Nageswara Rao won the Best Programme officer of NSS Award for his services during Godavari Pushkarams.
  • Ms. S.M. Maheswari won the Ugadi Mahila Siromani Award by XRay Literary and Cultural Organization, Vijayawada.
  • Ms. S.M. Maheswari published a book of poems titled, Oohala Logili
  • Dept. Members presented 11 papers in International seminars, and 10 papers in National seminars
  • 90% of the students (2016 pass outs) are doing PG
  • Ms. K. Ramana of III BA Special English (2016 pass out) won the AP State “Pratibha Award”.
  • Dr. M. Nageswara Rao has been recently sanctioned a UGC Minor Research Project on The Political and Cultural Relevance in the Select Novels of Salman Rushdie and Amitav Ghosh.

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