Aanvik-The Electronics Society

Aanvik Tesoi

About the Society:

Aanvik – The Electronics Society is dedicated to bring out the Innovative significance of Electronics and its applicability through a variety of events and activities. Moreover, it aims at bringing the students of Electronics together and forming a close-knit community which provides a platform where each individual gets to learn, grow and share knowledge and ideas. The ultimate motive is to ensure that learning is inclusive, that is, the society caters to the diverse interests of the students and provides them numerous learning opportunities both in the domain of academics as well as skill development by organizing a plethora of events throughout the year like webinars/Seminars and workshops and Outreach Programmes. In addition to this, Aanvik assists the students to equip themselves with good communication, interpersonal and networking skills to make them the quintessential all-rounders, making sure that they all move towards a brighter future, together.

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