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The Department of Chemistry is housed on the ground floor of Grandhi Venkata Reddy Naidu block. Chemistry as one of the combinations is offered right from the inception of the college in 1949. Chemistry is offered as an ancillary in combination with Mathematics, Agricultural Science, and Physics in the old Intermediate. PUC was introduced in 1957 and a three-year B.Sc., degree course was introduced in 1958. During 1956-58, Chemistry was offered as two year BA course.
Presently, the department consists of two big laboratories and one smaller laboratory, one preparation room, one balance room, one instrumentation room, one departmental library cum student reading room, one store room, and one staff room.
The Department of chemistry is functioning effectively to impart the subject and prepare many scientists, and researchers in chemistry since the inception of the college. Among many other scholars promoted by this department Padma Shri awardee Dr. M.V. Rao a renowned scientist, and a recipient of the Norman Borlaug Award in Agriculture is a feather in the cap of the then Narsapur College.
The College owes its development to the untiring efforts of the following members from the Department of Chemistry.

  • Sri Vanguri Subba Rao: Founder Principal
  • Sri MS Avadhanulu:  Worked as Principal 1980-84. He is a prominent Vedic Scholar.
  • Sri P Suryanarayan: Worked as Principal
  • Sri P Subrahmanyam: Worked as Principal
  • Sri KVSR Bapanna, Sri M Bapi Raju, Sri KK Rangachary, Sri MB Venkateswara Rao and Sri K Ravi Babu, Sri G. Venkateswara Rao, and Dr PSNH Ramachandra Rao served in the department for more than three decades.
  • Lt.Cdr KK Rangachari and Lt. PSNH Ramachandra Rao and Lt.SB Ronald contributed their services as Associate NCC officers (ANOs) in 7(A) Naval Unit NCC.
  • Sri G. Venkateswara Rao former HOD of the department served as the first Controller of Examinations.
Present Faculty and Working Since:
  • Dr. SB Ronald, Reader, Working since 01-04-1991
  • Dr. B. Ananda Kumar, Lecturer, working since 14-02-2002
  • Ch Udaya Bhaskara Rao, Lecturer, working since 29-10-1999
  • Ch RVR Prasad, Lecturer, working since 03-11-1999
  • Ch. Srinivasa Rao, Lecturer, working since 19-07-2007
  • D. Suresh, Lecturer, working since 01-10-2012
  • Ch. Sujitha, Lecturer, working since 25-07-2018
  • P. Sahithi, Lecturer, working since 20-11-2019
  • P. Naresh, Lecturer, working since 22-09-2021
  • G. Vara Prasad, Lecturer working since 01-10-2021
  • Good building accommodation-Separate well equipped laboratories
  • Sophisticated equipment HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) worth 10 lacks and UV-VISIBLE Spectrophotometer (worth 2 lakhs) are made available.
  • Two Computers with Internet facility.
  • e-class room with LCD projector and OHP.
  • Departmental library with a good collection of Books.
  • MOUs with leading company
  • Number of doctorates: 3
  • Number of publications: 40
  • Completed one MRP sponsored by UGC-SERO, Hyderabad.
  • Applied for one MRP to UGC-SERO, Hyderabad.
  • Generator facility is available.
  • The department has fairly established laboratories covering an area of 478.80 sq mts (5153.75 sq ft) for the conduct of practicals for undergraduate students.
  • A separate chemical store is maintained by the storekeeper.
  • LPG cylinders are provided in the labs and a generator serves the department.
  • A reference library consisting of about 200 books on Chemistry is housed in the department to cater to the needs of the faculty and students.
  • The department is equipped with sophisticated equipment HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) worth 10 lacks and UV-VISIBLE Spectrophotometer (worth 2 lakhs) are made available
  • The department is also equipped with teaching aids like OHP, slide projector, atomic and molecular models, charts, hot air oven, electrical balance, electronic balances, analytical balances, digital pH meters, conductivity meters, potentiometers polarimeter, melting point apparatus, etc.

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